Monday, March 9, 2020

          Heal me, Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise. ~ Jeremiah 17:14

        On Wednesday, February 12, I did a very foolish thing that resulted in my jumping off a ladder.  I landed very squarely on both feet but my left foot landed on a paving stone that I had placed for a walkway.  Walking became very painful and I spent a week hobbling before I finally went to a podiatrist.  She took x-rays and discovered a break in a very small bone in my heel.  She prescribed a compression stocking and an orthoboot.  Walking was still very painful but I attempted to keep up my usual routine.

        On Saturday, February 29, a friend drove me to the Healing Place and a team of three prayed over my foot.  While they were praying, I felt in my spirit that I had been healed and felt such a rush of love from my Savior that I wept.  Then, with encouragement from the prayer team,  I took off my boot and walked across the floor, no - danced across the floor!  As soon as I got home, I took off the boot and put on my running shoes.  No more hobbling!   I am so thankful to my Lord and also to the prayer team who interceded for me. If you have pain or illness, please don't hesitate to allow the Lord to bless you through the intercession of the prayer teams at the Healing Place.  They will welcome you every Saturday in the CEC building at Neighborhood Church, 2801 Notre Dame Blvd. from 10 - 11:30 a.m.
~ Submitted by Janice Sylvia


Monday, June 24, 2019

More Than a Healing

The Story of George Wurlitzer’s Healing and Miracle

In December of 2015, I had knee replacement surgery on my right leg.  I had suffered an injury playing softball some 25-plus years before, and I had come to the place that a replacement knee was necessary. The surgery went perfectly.

However, near the end of May of 2016, I needed emergency surgery because MRSA, an extremely serious and antibiotic-resistant bacteria, had developed in my new knee replacement. I nearly died. I was in great pain and required a morphine drip. I had two PICC lines to treat my body with two different antibiotics that were supposed to work together to kill the MRSA bacteria. (A PICC line is a thin long catheter inserted into a vein to administer medicines, etc. from an exterior source.) I went to multiple appointments to try to eradicate this life-threatening infection. One of the antibiotics nearly killed me, and the other was ineffective in killing the MRSA bacteria.

My doctor wanted to amputate my leg above the knee. His concern was that if the MRSA bacteria spread to my bone marrow, kidneys, or heart, I would die. While receiving medication through the PICC lines, the doctor said “Your body is in complete duress. It has as much duress as a body can handle.” 

I am living without the use of my right leg.  I am reduced to living on my couch. If I put any weight on my right leg, it will break. If it breaks, I am back to square one, and I imagine amputation.   After two weeks of living on my couch, I was out of hope… my “hope-ometer was at 0”.
In December of 2016, a year after my first surgery, I had a third surgery to remove the MRSA infected knee replacement. A spacer was inserted into my right leg to fill the place where a knee should be.

By March 2017 I had been living on the couch without the use of my right leg for 14 months. The muscles were atrophied, my right leg nothing but skin and bone. I had to use both my hands to lift my right leg because it had no muscle or strength of its own. The doctor didn’t know if I would even survive. I had no hope.

During these long 14 months of only living on the couch, I suffered the agony of excruciating pain, and was heavily drugged because of it.  I was discouraged. Depressed.  Without hope.
I wouldn’t answer my phone even though many friends called to encourage me, want to visit me and pray over me, but I was too depressed; I just didn’t want to talk to anyone.  I was completely without hope so why bother?

When someone did reach me and ask me, “How are you doing?” my reply:  “I have reached my bottom and I’m subletting an outhouse.”

My hopelessness was influenced by my spiritual battle of weighing faith vs. my doctor’s words, of his vision of my future. His prognosis was to amputate my leg now to save my life. He said “If something additionally bad happens, or we do surgery and something bad happens, it will be too late to amputate and you are dead.”

This period of time was not only terrible for me, but also for my wife Lori. In the midst of my extremely dismal and painful near-death condition, my wife had to keep working under a great load of stress.

-        STRESS of working and leaving me at home
-        STRESS of our finances due to my loss of income and huge medical bills
-        STRESS of what was happening at her place of employment, which is our church; I’ll explain a little more later 
-        STRESS of living in a supernatural environment, including negative and positive
But also during these long excruciating months of couch time, I lived an amazing supernatural time. God gave me multiple supernatural and spectacular Words.  One of the messages to me from God in an audible voice during my darkest days was “Pursue My fires”.  He meant both spiritually and literally.

Me: “How do I do that with one leg?”

Another supernatural prophetic Word given to me was about our church, an action that we needed to take immediately. I knew that I had to have a sound mind not being influenced by medicines and pain killers in order to communicate well and for my words be trustworthy. I stopped taking all my medications, including the pain killers. I fasted for seven days to prepare myself spiritually for the meeting I would have with our pastor to tell him the message God had given me about our church. It was a difficult thing for our Pastor, our Elders, and my wife Lori to hear because it would change something very dear to the hearts of many of our people. It would also drastically impact the church finances in a negative way regarding what could be seen only by the physical eye.  This is the stress added to my wife regarding her job because she is employed as a financial officer for our church.

The amazing thing about this is that after praying for about two weeks, our pastor and elders received confirmation in their spirit and took action to do what God had revealed to me. It was a giant act of faith, and as a result, they became unpopular with some people, until the fruit of God’s plan became visible in later months.

This Word for our church was only one of many supernatural and spectacular Words from God during this time.

So, on the first Sunday afternoon in March of 2017, I asked our Elders to come over and pray for me. By the time they left, I had a little hope, my first glimmer of hope in a very long time.

The following Saturday I went to A Healing Place, a prayer ministry outreach of our church, where a prayer team prayed for me. 

Muscles started twitching, a feeling I had not felt for months.
I felt a warming sensation throughout my leg.  It became intense heat. In a picture, it felt like a bolt of lightning.

I said to the team, “I think our Jesus healed my leg.”  I wanted to drop my pants to see my leg and test it, but of course I didn’t.

When we got out to our car, I said to my wife Lori, “I’m gonna try something.” To which her response was, “Don’t you break it!”

I was able to use my right leg on its own power to get in the car- my walker to my side, and slid in. I lifted my leg up with no assistance or added power of my hands. I knew that it was healed, but didn’t know to what extent.

At home, I could lift myself out of the car on my own power using my right leg.   Inside, I took off my sweatpants down to my tidy whities and I could see that my right leg was noticeably larger.
I measured my left leg – the uninjured one that had been doing all the work for both legs for over a year. I measured my right leg that had not been used in a year and a half.

They measured exactly the same!

I measured both legs twice to be sure it was accurate measurement. They still measured the same!
JESUS healed me!

JESUS did a miracle of recreating new muscle in my right leg where there had been none!

Before going to A Healing Place and having the team pray for healing, I had been to a pre-op meeting with my doctor to discuss surgery for a new knee replacement. The leg he was looking at then was my old skin and bone leg with atrophied muscles.

After prayer, at the hospital for the new knee replacement surgery, my doctor asked, “Where did you get your muscles?”

So I got to share my Jesus healing miracle story with my doctor.

I now had hope for the outcome of a fourth surgery to put in a new knee.  The surgery was done and all went perfectly.

During that terrible dark time, God had told me, “Pursue my fires.” He meant it both spiritually and figuratively. Our church is now living out the path of the Word God gave me for our church. The physical part is being lived out now as my company is a big part of the massive cleanup in Paradise after the devastating Camp Fire. I am back to work doing hard physical labor for long hours each day. My right leg works perfectly.

I am living a crazy supernatural life!

                 Psalm 103:2-4
          Let all that I am praise the Lord;
                may I never forget the good things he does for me.
          He forgives all my sins
                and heals my diseases.
          He redeems me from death
                and crowns me with love and tender mercies.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

A Testimony of God's Healing 

What is it like to be mostly dead for eight years, then healed by God and alive again?  Listen to what God has done…

Hi!  Our names are Pat and Chaunte’ Burns.  This is as much Chaunte’s story as mine- she’s been through this with me from the start and never gave up on God. We’ve been disciples of Jesus Christ for a combined total of 91 years.  We’ve been through a lot together and individually, in those years, but our God has always been there with us.

 February 2018.  Many of you won’t recognize our names.  I was the middle-aged guy sitting half-way down the left section of the Dome on Sundays, on the aisle.  Next to me was my faithful, beautiful wife Chaunte’.  We sat across the aisle and a little behind from Bob and Eunice, our beloved elders.  Still don’t recognize us?  Oh, that’s right, you were used to seeing me wearing a hard collar, a full-length neck brace.  I don’t wear it any more.  I don’t need it, because God healed me!

In 2006, Chaunte’ and I were living in Susanville, CA. I worked as a Registered Nurse at High Desert State Prison, a California maximum security facility.  I volunteered to work with the prison’s psychiatric inmates. All went well at work for three years.  

One night in September 2009 I was attacked by two inmates.  My neck was broken and the spinal cord crushed in four places.  An emergency 7 ½ hour surgery was done at Enloe Hospital.  Back in Susanville, Chaunte’ began the 8-year long ministry of helping me through the changes in our lives.  In 2010 the State retired me medically.  We moved back to Chico to be near family and better medical care.

Over the next five years I got progressively worse physically.  I was confined to bed 85-90% of the time.  Before the injury Chaunte’ and I had a vigorous outdoor life of hiking, backpacking, cycling and long walks in Upper Bidwell Park and Lassen National Park.  We had a beautiful 25 ½  foot Hunter sailboat on San Francisco Bay that we sailed 
everywhere, even out into the Pacific Ocean.  I grew weak and unable to ride in a car for more than 15 minutes at a time, so we gave the boat back to the friend we’d bought it from.

All gone.  In one night Chaunte’ and I lost my nursing career, my ability to work and earn a living, our beautiful Susanville home that God gave us (foreclosed on), my friends and colleagues at work, and finally my physical strength and health went, my ability to do the most common things of daily living.  Chaunte’ fixed up our spare bedroom as a study, a place for me to retreat to when the pain became too much for me to be around other people.  I thought about Job in the Old Testament, who lost everything, yet kept his faith in the God who Loves us.

This was a time of loss, of sadness, of trusting God for our physical and financial survival.  Chaunte’ prayed for God to heal me; I prayed, others prayed too.  The faithful team members of Neighborhood Church’s “Healing Place” ministry prayed for us.  NCC’s staff prayed for us, in the church office, in their homes, in the Dome at random times when they’d see me.  I went forward for prayer countless times after Sunday morning worship.  You prayed for God to heal me.  You know who you are, and so does our Father.  Thank you for your faithfulness in praying for us.

Five years passed.  A second neck surgery, this time at U C Davis Medical Center.  Minimal improvement.  Flat on my back 85-90% of the time and in unbelievable constant pain.  More prayer.  “On my bed I think of You through the watches of the night…  because You are my help.” (Psalm 63: 6, 7a).   “Though He slay me, yet will I have Hope in Him!” (Job 13:15a).  And so it went.  Days and nights filled with pain, prayer and trust.
8 years passed.  “Though He slay me, yet will I Hope in Him”.

On September 2nd 2017 I went to bed at midnight.  As usual, I had stayed up long after Chaunte’ went to sleep, exhausting myself so I could sleep a few hours before the pain drove me awake.  I got up in the morning after an amazing 8 hours of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.

My first thought was, I knew God had done something amazing!  I was ALIVE again!  The constant pain was gone; I had energy, with a capital E=MC2 !!  

Chaunte’ and I praised and thanked God for His mercy to us! 

In October 2017, Pastor Andrew asked me to tell you during a Sunday morning worship service what God had done.  I told you about God’s miraculous healing and said that Chaunte’ and I would once again sail on San Francisco Bay.  Sailing is a vigorous, physically demanding activity, not for the timid or physically under-enabled, especially in the 45-mph winds encountered on the Bay.  The very next month, God gave us a beautiful fully self-contained 33’ cruising sailboat.  We kept it at Berkeley, right on the Bay, and sailed to Sausalito, San Francisco, everywhere!
You don’t see much of us these days at NCC- we’re once again sailing our beloved San Francisco Bay or exploring the many State Parks in and around the Bay Area, living aboard the boat for days at a time.  Chaunte’ and I hike, take long walks, play with our five grandchildren, a granddaughter and 4 grandsons!  God is Good, all the time!

After God healed me I promised Him I’d tell anyone who’d sit still for 2 minutes what He had done for us, how He had healed me.  In the last 15 months dozens of strangers have heard this story of God’s Mercy and Power.  Eventually, this promise led me to witnessing of God’s Power and Mercy to members of the Berkeley City Council! 
Oh, and the name of the sailboat God gave us a year ago?  ”Malolo” - Hawaiian for “FLYING FISH”.  Once, I couldn’t walk.  Now, because of God, I can fly.
Are you sick?  In pain?  Disabled? 
If you read this and are a Follower of Jesus the Messiah, know that He still heals today.  Ask, seek, knock, and Jesus will answer!

Have you read this and you aren’t a Disciple of Jesus Christ?  I challenge you to put yourself in His hands, to believe in Him, and see His Power and Love at work in you!
That hard collar I wore 24-7 for 8 years?  You can see it on display in ‘The Healing Place” room at Neighborhood Church, Chico.  It is a visible testimony to God’s Mercy and Love.

Patrick and Chaunte’ Burns, at Chico, California, December 18, 2018

Sunday, December 2, 2018

“Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all of your ways acknowledge Him, and He WILL direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5.

Oh friends and family, our hearts are broken at the burning down of Paradise!  I’ve been silent here with updates as we process all that has happened and finally tonight my pen is flowing and I know it’s only by God’s grace. Our family is all safe but still displaced, and waiting to get a chance to be let back into town to see what is left of their homes.  So many friends lost everything.  The suddenness of this tragedy paralyzes us as we try to find the words to say to comfort and ask for wisdom as we step out to give monetarily and tangibly at a time of loss and devastation.

I can’t help but notice the parallel between our “BrainStorm” and the FireStorm that ravaged Paul’s hometown just days ago.  Today, November 18,  marks the day 7 years ago that would change our lives forever.  That day, Paul woke me up at 5 a.m. with the worst headache he’s ever had and presenting left sided weakness.  He said, “Take me to the Hospital, I think I’m having a brain aneurysm!”
Days later, we got the news, while driving home with our Christmas tree strapped to the top of our Honda Odyssey, that the MRI discovered a tumor in Paul’s left frontal lobe of his brain.  In a flash, our lives changed. One moment, choosing our Christmas tree, taking traditional family pictures at the farm, singing Christmas Carols…the phone rings and BAM…a storm rages out of nowhere.  No warning.  No time to process.  No time to prepare.  We were about ready to enter the “Fire Swamp”.
Every time Paul’s disease progresses, it happens very much like the first time we learned he had a tumor.  Out of nowhere.  Life is going along as normal, then BAM, I get a call that Paul had a seizure while talking to a patient on the phone in the Call Center.  He was being taken by ambulance to Morse Ave Kaiser and you should come right away.
He hasn’t been back to work since!  That was Nov. 2 of last year.
We still don’t understand why things have happened the way they have.  We can’t make sense of it.  There’s no pattern or rhyme or reason to it.
It’s frustrating.
It’s devastating.
It’s heartbreaking.
It’s lonely.
I miss my strong husband.  I miss his voice.  His singing.  Even his whistling.  Sometimes life sweeps away good things in the blink of an eye and there’s absolutely nothing that can be done.
This is so much like the FireStorm called the Camp Fire that swept through Paradise; has it really only been 10 days?!  I can’t help but think that maybe my heartache and sorrow can bring words of comfort and encouragement to you as you process the loss of all you owned and knew in such a beautiful community of amazing people that made Paradise what it was and is. It’s okay to cry.
It’s okay to grieve.
It’s okay to think this really sucks, because it does.
It’s even okay to not have the right words to say.  Like me right now, I do not have any idea what the right thing to say is to comfort someone that just lost everything.
But what I can tell you is, that as my Pauly is being pulled away from the life he once knew, we appreciate and cherish every person who has reached out and fumbled over their words to show they care.  We love every time someone lets us know they are praying for us.  We  feel stronger every time someone says we were on their heart at a specific time and realize that was a time we were maybe shedding a tear or sobbing in our pillow.
See, my friend, NOTHING catches our ABBA Father by surprise.  He knows the way through our confusing circumstances.  He forges a way through flames when they surround you and you feel like this may be the end.  He goes before us when we are put on hospice and told that the Doctors have no other treatment plans…this cancer is rare…we’ve tried everything…we are sorry there’s nothing more we have to offer.

Abba prepares a way as Paul’s body gets weaker by the day.  Just since Yosemite, he’s lost function of his right arm and in the last week, his right leg has weakened to where tonight for the first time he requested his walker be near the bed in case he needs to get up in the middle of the night.

The Holy Spirit, our Comforter, wrapped us up in His wings tonight as Paul cried in my arms saying he doesn’t want to be a burden.  I sensed it, so I asked, and the tears flowed like a river.  Jesus gave my mind just what to say as I pleaded to Him for how to encourage my husband…I said, “You know what, I feel privileged to have this time with you.  We need you just as you are.  You are valuable and the kids and I love you very much.  Even as you’re changing you are precious.  You are not a Burden.  You are in fact a BLESSING!”
There are several times in a day that I don’t know what to say or do, or the right decision to make.  Like today, what are Paul’s wishes for his bucket list trip… what would be most fulfilling to him?  All he said was “I don’t know.”  Then I remembered.  He wanted to go to North Shore and we ran out of time.  Crap I blew it.  The whole lunch at Applebee’s today I was praying for wisdom.  Should I drive him up there?  I asked Paul.. “I don’t know.”  Hmmmm. He seems overwhelmed and tired.  Probably too much.
As I let go and trusted that Abba was with me in that moment helping me, I realized that whatever was supposed to happen would be.  Complete trust.  Then…it happened…Paul was able to communicate that he wanted to shop at Heavenly village instead. Phew.  He’s happy.
Why did I stress?  Well I wanted his bucket list trip to be about him and I wanted it to be perfect.  Once I leaned into the Perfect One who created the very moment I was choosing to stress within, everything relaxed and fell into place.
“Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all of your ways acknowledge Him, and He WILL direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5.
If you have experienced loss in this horrible, rare, FireStorm, I’m here to tell you that God has a path through to lead you to good things.  He specializes in making miracles out of hopeless situations.  He loves you so much…actually…even better…For God so loved the WORLD, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have everlasting LIFE. John 3:16.
He has life planned!
He has forgiveness planned!
He has joy planned!
He has peace planned!
He paid the price so that…whatever you’re facing…He has the VICTORY!!  He goes to prepare a PLACE for you. You are not forgotten in the chaos. He plans to calm the storm. Be encouraged and may you sleep peacefully tonight. I hear Paul snoring. Thank you Jesus for deep, restful sleep for all of us! I give you all the Glory and I pray your words, not mine, are heard through this post tonight.
God Bless,
Alicia Blumert

Thursday, March 22, 2018

          “He himself bore our sins in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed.” I Peter 2:24

          We have been praying for some time now for Paul Blumert who has been suffering tremendously because of brain cancer, and the fall-out of the various medications and treatments.
            It is a joy to report that there has been much improvement!  The tumor has shrunk significantly, some of the side effects are no longer a problem, his pain and nausea are much reduced, and overall, he is much more comfortable and able to be at home with his family. They are so grateful for all your prayers, and of course, most of all, they are so thankful for God’s healing and presence.

          Today I had the pleasure of hearing a report of a miracle.  A friend who we have often prayed for at A Healing Place told me that God intervened in her life this week to “make a way where there was no way.”  She has been struggling with many health issues this past year, as well as facing a dire financial situation. In light of these things, she did not renew her driver’s license when it came due based on what her ophthalmologist told her after eye surgery. She did want to keep her car, however, so that other people could use it to take her places. When the DMV renewal came up, she was informed that it needed to be repaired before it could be smogged. She did not have money to fix it, so she let the registration lapse. In an amazing turn of events that were orchestrated by God and unknown to her at the time, her vision improved enough to drive, a friend who passed away recently gave her money for the purpose of repairing her car, and a DMV staff woman whom she did not know, served as the physical vessel to work a miracle at DMV.  My friend was able to pass both the driver’s license vision and driving test, pay for her car to be repaired, and pay the reduced fee to register her car and restore her driving privilege. In her words, “God is so awesome!  He knew I was sad to be in that situation and that I really wanted to keep my independence and have a car, even though I came to a point where I didn’t ask him for that, but just accepted that I was done driving. But I guess he has other plans for me!”  

           “I will praise God’s name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving.”   Psalm 69:30


Thursday, February 1, 2018

Isaiah 53:5       
But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.

               Message from our director of A Healing Place

        We have prayed for several people at A Healing Place who have in the past or are presently battling cancer. Several others who are unable to visit us physically because of geography or other limitations have asked us to pray for them on a regular basis. I want to mention these few who have sent their requests and updates to us.

Paul Blumert
Paul has very agressive cancer of the brain.

January 28 -- Paul was up early with terrible pain in the gall bladder area. He was taken to ER again where they did a hydascan, and then returned home. Paul’s liver levels elevated from 43 to 122 in a few days, which is what is probably causing the pain.  He's on pain meds.  

January 29 -- Praise the Lord -- Paul had a solid night sleep and no pain. He was able to go out for coffee with Alicia! They are planning to start Avastin next week -- very hard for them as they are really concerned about the reactions to the med.  

They are praising God for the good sleep and the pain subsiding!!  They thank you all for your prayers and that you care.

Niki Saccoccia

On Sunday Alan and I turned during the break to meet a couple Ken and Loren Tietz.  They are leaving this week (may have already) to fly to Virginia to be with their daughter who has a rare form of cancer that has metastasized.  I do not have  a lot of facts but she will be having surgery soon that Loren said is a lifesaving measure.  We prayed for them and ask for permission to share for prayer from all of you.  Her name is NIKI (McGarity) Saccoccia.

Joann Bradley’s daughter-in-law Marci
She has a very aggressive stage 4 cancer as I remember.  Joann moved to Chicago to help take care of their little baby who had just been born this past summer. 

Marci (has cancer) and Matt her husband grew up at Neighborhood.  I understand she will be going to Texas for some treatments soon.


I was going to set up a schedule for us to sign up for a day a month to pray for Paul and then Niki’s and Marci’s fight for life came to my attention.  Enough is enough!!  Please pray with me daily for these three young people and for the battle they (and their families) find themselves fighting.  It is time to war for their lives and for their healing!  I was praying yesterday morning and I felt like the Lord was saying “command the spirits of death and cancer to leave”.  The picture I saw was of little demons leaving.  I do not know why I never thought of it in a tangible way before but this time.  Yes I have prayed for more people than I could ever count with cancer and one of the first miracles we ever saw was of pancreatic cancer….way back before the church really prayed for healing.  But for some reason that picture made so much sense.

So speak to the cancer as if they are sitting right in front of you.  Command every cancer cell to die, command every demon of cancer to leave and every spirit of death to leave.  Break off every pronouncement of death and every negative prognosis.  Speak life over their bodies, over every organ that is infected, speak to the effects of the chemo or other treatment and call the body into proper order and alignment in spirit, soul, mind and body.  Well of course anything the Holy Spirit tells you to pray but please take some time every day (more often if they come to mind) to war for our friends.  We cannot allow this to take place under our watch and as we pray for them we will see breakthrough for others as well.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

          “This is what the Lord says – he who made a way through the sea, a path through the mighty waters;  forget the former things;  do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing!  I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”  ~ Isaiah 43:16,18.19

     What wonderful words to live by as we get ready to start a new year! We have seen the beginning of this at A Healing Place this past year as we have prayed with many people.  We have taken on a new attitude about some things as we see how God is working in our midst. Many people have come for prayer over the years to be healed of cancer. It is often referred to as “the big C”. We at A Healing Place declare that cancer, as terrible as it is, will not intimidate us, and we will not give it the status that most people do as they cower in fear at its name. We declare that there is only one name that is deserving of “the big C” and that name is Christ Jesus.  He is the big C; everything else under the heavens is subject to his will and his power.

     Tammi Marshburn and Rich Gilstrap are two examples of how God is blessing his people as he ministers to them by physically healing them of cancer. And if that wasn’t enough, his blessing and healing went beyond the physical as he ministered to their souls and blessed their lives in multiple ways during their cancer journey. Another woman, who does not choose to be named, came for prayer for Ovarian cancer. When she returned to her doctor for further testing and treatment consultation, her doctor told her that her cancer was in remission. In the past few years, God has touched many lives who reached out to A Healing Place for healing of their bodies, their spiritual hearts, relationships, finances, and all manner of challenges. One thing we can claim for certain, according to each and every person who has come, is that God meets them there, and they are different than when they arrived. We often see the evidence of this by their countenance even if they do not say anything at the time.

     There are actually people who don’t know why they’ve come when they arrive, but they understand when they leave because God has ministered to a need they didn’t know they had, or revealed truth to them that they needed in order to grow in their faith and character. We have had the joy of both ministering to children and witnessing children minister to others. Such beauty!

     We invite you to come to A Healing Place every Saturday between 10:00 and 11:30 a.m.  There is no request too small to pray for, and certainly, God promises that there is no need too large for him to handle. The chorus of one of my favorite worship songs, Chain Breaker, by Zach Williams says this:

     If you've got pain, He's a pain taker
     If you feel lost, He's a way maker
     If you need freedom or saving, 
           He's a prison-shaking Savior
     If you've got chains, He's a chain breaker

                             ~   ~   ~   ~   ~
                             Amen and amen!

                             ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

Another opportunity for you:
In the midst of all that is going on in our nation and around the world, and all that has been expected of us during the Christmas season, many people are searching for peace, wondering why it seems to elude us. After all, the night Jesus was born the angels who appeared to the shepherds proclaimed peace.  Want to find out more? You can read my blog post entitled, "Peace? What Peace?"

     May God bless you abundantly in 2018 and fill your life peace!